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Every racehorse has its trainer. Sometimes, trainers are also owners.

Trainers are responsible for the wellbeing, training and feeding of the horse.

Furthermore, they decide in which races the horses will compete and which races they are more likely to win.

Finally, the trainers inform the owner on the progress of the horse.

At the races, the trainers supervise the final preparations and consult the jockeys regarding the strategy they shall follow in order for the horse to have the best possible performance.

Sometimes in order to decide their strategy they even walk the track to see its state and how they can use it to their advantage.

List of Trainers

Aggelopoulos Stavros
Alibinisis Giorgos
Amitsi Aggeliki
Giatras Alexandros
Dervis Nikolaos
Zevgolis Ioannis
Theologou Panagiotis
Ioannidis Michael
Kalogeropoulos Nikolaos
Karagiannis Stilianos
Karamanoglou Alexandros
Kassis Panagiotis
Kastrinios Panagiotis
Keratsa Irini
Kouvaras Giorgos
Kouvaras Christos
Kritikos Adonis
Leontsinis Charilaos
Mavropoulos Spyridon
Bariamoglou Philippos
Mikoniatis Ioannis
Nikolopoulos Ioannis
Siatounis Ilias
Tzavellas Panagiotis
Charalabous Charalabos
Prendi Leonard

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