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Currently, in Greek races there are jockeys, who are distinguished in professionals, apprentices and new jockeys (depending on the races they win, they become professional jockeys).

Their weight varies from 45 to 60kg and in order to keep fit they have a strict diet and try to stay in great shape like athletes, while their daily routine includes horse riding and training.

Every jockey has his/her own style and even though there are mostly men, there are also women who are their equal competitors.

List of Jockeys

Andreou Loizos
Dimitsanis Panagiotis
Drosos Dimitrios
Kalogridis Rodolfos
Karakatsanis Konstantinos
Katsimixas Andreas
Keratsas Panagiotis
Kritikos Evaggelos
Lazaridis Ioannis
Mastorakis Konstantinos
Mersinias Giorgos
Michailidis Nikolaos
Benten Alexandra
Nikolaidis Michail
Xynos Michail
Tsela  Edion
Chaliasos Alexandros
Christofis Marios
Psaradakis Ioannis

New Jockeys

Kamoutsi Evaggelia
Katsalis Nikolaos
Koubarakos Marios
Magkafas Eleftherios
Perantinos Konstantinos

Apprentice Jockeys

Koubarakos Efstathios
Babaniotis Christos
Tsouchnika Eleni
Achment Mohamed

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