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The Equine Veterinary Clinic (EVC) is the only veterinary hospital for horses in Greece and one of the biggest in the Balkans. It was built to the highest standards of excellence in preparation for the Athens 2004 Olympics during the development of the Racecourse and Olympic Equestrian Venue in Markopoulo. The EVC handles all surgical referrals and is staffed by clinicians who specialize in equine surgery, medicine and orthopedics.


The EVC admits referral and emergency cases for surgical, medical and lameness conditions. It includes two operating theatres, for orthopedic, colic, and other surgery procedures. Further facilities include anesthetic boxes (linked by an overhead rail system to the operating theatres), an examination room with stocks and five further examination rooms for radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, and other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Staffed by our experienced veterinary team, horses are seen either as out-patients, or can be hospitalized in our general stabling areas and intensive care boxes depending on their needs.  

The EVC veterinarians provide a quick response service for the racecourse, covering all track work and race day emergencies, which includes two fully equipped horse ambulances ensuring the safe and rapid transport of horses back to the EVC. Further there is an ambulatory service provided by our veterinarians for horses stabled within the Racecourse complex.


The veterinary team at the EVC provides the following veterinary services:

  • Surgery
    • Orthopedic surgery: arthroscopy, fracture repair, joint lavage, etc.
    • Soft tissue Surgery: colic, castration, wind, wound debridement, etc.
  • Lameness investigation, diagnosis and therapy
  • Digital Radiography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy
  • Internal Medicine
  • Laboratory Examinations


The EVC has a highly experienced team dedicated to care of the horse, providing a prompt, personal and efficient service to all our clients. We work closely with trainers in Thoroughbred racing to help look after the health and welfare of their racehorses and by doing so optimize the performance of each horse and minimize their risk of injury and sickness. We also work closely with the equestrian community and have a growing collaboration with referring private practitioners providing support for complex orthopedic, medical and surgical cases.  All our clinicians are FEI-accredited as Event Treating Veterinarians and some act as FEI Veterinary Delegates in Greece and abroad. Our team currently consists of three veterinary surgeons and an assistant who strive to provide the best standard of care for you and your horses.


Dr. Barbis Dimitris DVM                              6983338580           

Dr. Marneri Danai DVM, MRCVS                6985111912           



EVC working hours are 06:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and we provide an on call service in order to ensure the best care for your horses.

Don’t hesitate to contact the EVC to schedule an appointment or for any further information, email us at or call on +306985111912. 


Focusing on our priority to attract and develop new talents within the OPAP Group, we offer young Veterinarians the chance to
kick-start their careers at a leading and reliable Group, distinguished as a Best Work Place, through our Internship Program  οpapinternship program-get in the game!

For more information on our Internship Program, you may contact your University’s Career Office and directly communicate with us via email to the following email addresses: and


Furthermore, in October of 2019, for the first time, we launched the new 12 month intensive Graduate Veterinarian Program Equine Veterinary Graduate Program – Ride High!

Our main goal is to share our knowledge and passion with the next generation of Equine Veterinarians, supporting them in the development of both their professional skills and their ability to resolve a variety of equine veterinary cases.
The 4 Graduate Trainees, selected after a thorough assessment process, are trained initially through an Induction Program and afterwards participate in on the job training at all teams of Horse Races SA. Finally, they attend their basic training in the Veterinary Clinic, which consists of challenging cases of equine veterinary care and treatment.

Come and join our OPAP Team and live an exciting experience in the world of horses!
Ready, Steady, Go! It’s your time to Ride High!

The 1st Veterinarian Graduate Program of the OPAP Group starts now! Apply before the 18th of October! Live for one year, a unique experience in the Equine Veterinary Clinic (EVC)! Apply here!

For more information you may contact us via email to the following email addresses: and .




Evgenia Papagiorgou, DVM, Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee
Markopoulo, 01/11/2021
  Petros Boufis, DVM, Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee
Markopoulo, 01/11/2021

“Having completed the Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee Program, I feel exceptionally lucky to have this as my first work experience. We dealt with multiple incidents daily, so, I had the opportunity to become acquainted with the operation of a clinic over a short period of time, to evolve my knowledge on a practical and theoretical level and to improve my skills. The veterinary team, came to be a second family to me and immediately created a sense of safety, that every new veterinarian needs during their first footsteps. They always there to offer advice, guide and correct me to improve myself. I feel that the program gave me the basis and qualifications to continue with my veterinary career with more confidence. I am very lucky to have been a member of this team.”


“My work experience at the Racetrack’s Equine Veterinary Clinic was a major milestone in my life and set the guidelines for my professional career. In the clinic the sense was that of a family who with their years-long experience, embraced me and helped me in my first footsteps as a Veterinarian. 
I soon adjusted in the day-to-day of the clinic and its areas and I became acquainted with dealing with the health and welfare of racehorses. I participated in the incidents that came daily, emergency, and routine surgeries and supervised the horses’ trackwork, thus enriching my veterinary knowledge and coming to love these complex and beautiful animals even more. Furthermore, as a veterinarian, I learned how to become involved in the operational and financial administration of a clinic, which is also extremely important.
Finally, I must mention my beloved weekly race meetings, where the veterinary team has a vital role, monitoring, supervising, and caring for the horses. Without a doubt, the Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee Program is an experience that I am deeply grateful for.”

Danai Sklavenitou, DVM, Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee
Markopoulo, 09/04/2020
  Arseniou Nikoletta, DVM, Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee
Markopoulo, 28/04/2020

“I am very grateful that my first job as a veterinarian was at the Equine Veterinary Clinic, as an Equine Veterinary Graduate Trainee!
The EVC Team is a loving family, which embraced me from day one!
Every member has an important role in my development, from the one who is responsible for planning and organizing our daily program, education and Journal clubs, the senior one who is always willing to analyze each case in depth, the demanding one who encourages us to gain an in depth knowledge and the protective one who foresees and prevents our mistakes.
Today, I feel very proud that as a veterinarian I am able to deal with first opinion cases, knowing that I have the trust and support of both the Veterinary Team and the Horse Racing community!”


“The Equine Veterinary Clinic Team has created a safe and caring environment, in which I was able to develop my clinical skills.
I held an active role in numerous EVC cases, including Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Intensive Care cases where both practical and theoretical aspects were explained.
I really enjoyed our open and insightful discussions during our weekly Journal Clubs.
I feel extremely lucky for having the chance to  learn alongside this wonderful Veterinary Team and work in an environment where hundreds of racehorses live and train every day. It was without a doubt a unique learning opportunity!”


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