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About Company - Board of Directors

About Company - Board of Directors

Hellas Horse Races S.A., an 100% subsidiary of OPAP S.A., after completion of all terms and conditions provided on the 04.24.2015 Accession Agreement, between Hellas Horse Races S.A. and HRADF, including the certification of the accession agreement and its appendices from the Greek parliament, acquired the exclusive right to organize and conduct terrestrial and online mutual horseracing betting in Greece for 20 and 5 years respectively.

According to this right, the company takes on:

a) organizing and conducting horse races in Greece,

b) organizing and conducting mutual betting in respect to horse races in Greece,

c) undertaking activities related to horse races betting at national and international level,

d) organizing and conducting additional mutual horse races betting (sweepstake) and

e) organizing and conducting online mutual horse races betting exclusively for 5 years.

Hellas Horse Races S.A. objectives are the organization of horse racing activity in Markopoulo Attikis, the development of Greek horse races, the further spread of the sport in Greece and to provide a modern gaming experience both for Greek and international races, according to the modern principles of Responsible gaming - for their implementation, OPAP S.A. was recently certified by the international organization World Lottery Association (WLA).

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Kamil Ziegler

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors: Odysseas Christoforou

Member of the Board of Directors: Petros Xarchakos

Member of the Board of Directors: Anastasia Verra

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