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angle-left Αpplication of the Rating Based Handicapping System in Greece.

Αpplication of the Rating Based Handicapping System in Greece.


Jockey Club of Greece,

Mr. Petros Zafiris, Ass. General Director


Athens, 20-4-2018

Prot. N.: HRGP18001895


Mr. Zafiris,


We received your letter-invitation dated 17.4.18 regarding the application of the Rating Based Handicapping System in Greece.


We were particularly surprised about the time of your invitation, that is almost 2 years after we first raised the issue and 18 months after we invited Mr. Kennelly to Greece in order for him to create, as a technical advisor for our Company, a RBHS model.  


As a matter of fact, the meeting would take place on the proposed day under your responsibility, even though our Company (and others) has raised important issues related to the very existence of Greek Horse Racing. We are referring to the content of our letter sent to the competent Deputy Minister of Culture and Athletics with Prot. N. HRGP1800187/13-4-2018, which was notified to you. And at the moment the Jockey Club has not yet taken the necessary measures to enhance the credibility of horse racing and to deal with possible conflicts of interest or the existence of the same person with the capacity of auditor and auditee. A purpose that is entirely relevant with the matter for discussion, which is the handicapping system, the non-compliance of which also predetermines the failure of this effort.


Therefore, while as a Company we have invested for the success of this project, by putting in manpower, time and money, we will not contribute to the failure of this effort, by participating, under these conditions, to sterile discussions.




Konstantinos Alexopoulos

Chief Operating Officer

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