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Horse Races S.A., is in the unfortunate position to announce that it is forced not to proceed with the conduction of race meetings for a period of time, due to the objective inability to conduct race meetings, arising from recent incidents and circumstances that are beyond the company’s control.

More specifically, the Horses Owners Association (EIDIE) and the Racehorse Trainers Association (ENEPDI), whose members own or train the vast majority of active racehorses, announced that they have decided to abstain from the entries necessary to conduct race meetings. These announcements arose as a reaction to the recent decisions and actions of the Greek Jockey Club (GJC), including the exclusion of the President of EIDIE from Greek races for a one month period.

These decisions follow a long series of actions that were un-called for, mistakes, omissions and violations of L. 4172/2013 and 4338/2015 for the concession of the right to conduct horse racing, as well as the principle of legality from the Jockey Club’s behalf, that have occurred since the first day that the present administration started practicing its duties. Through these types of actions, for which we pointed out the risk on time, the Jockey Club repeatedly attempted to exceed its authorities, as they are stated from the existing legal frame, and expand beyond the supervision of the technical part of the conduct of racing, resulting in impinging and violating the company’s rights as operator and major investor in the Greek racing activity.

In this context and taking into consideration that the number of active racehorses with the GJC is 275, it is impossible to organize horseraces, especially in a manner that ensures their prestige, integrity and reliability.

With respect towards the Racing Community, HRSA has made every effort to prevent and avoid the above developments, respecting its role and responsibilities as defined by the legal framework governing Greek Horse Racing.

The company expects the immediate restoration of the circumstances that will allow the smooth and seamless continuation of the horseracing activity and to its very important investment in Greek horse races.

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